Nurtury Early Education Receives Book Donations from Storytime Crafts

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February 9th, 2024

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Thank you Storytime Crafts for the incredible donation of books!

We recently partnered with Storytime Crafts, a remarkable local literacy nonprofit founded by Lisa Vergara committed to collecting and distributing educational resources throughout communities. Their mission is to create diverse book-rich environments for children that promote the joy of reading.

We are so grateful that Storytime Crafts provided us with the most incredible book donations, early learning resources, and Corduroy-themed chair made from recycled materials! Thanks to their donations, we were able to incorporate more inclusive literature in our classrooms and make reading more engaging for our early learners through the use of puppets and play-based learning toys.

Thank you again to Lisa and her dedicated team of volunteers for doing such an incredible job with their curations. We are so fortunate that Storytime Crafts chose to partner with us. We cannot wait to share these treasures with all the children and families across our early education centers and FCC programs!